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PDP has finally picks their Edo governorship candidate(Ize-Iyamu)

PDP has finally picks their Edo governorship candidate(Ize-Iyamu)

PDP has finally picks their Edo governorship candidate(Ize-Iyamu)

PDP had finalized who will be their candidate for the up coming Governor election in Edo state.

The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has announced Osagie Ize-Iyamu as the party’s flag bearer for the September 10 Edo State governorship election.

PDP has finally picks their Edo governorship candidate(Ize-Iyamu)

This was announced by the Governor of Ebonyi State, David Umahi and chairman of the committee, which conducted the primary announced.

According to the committee, Ize-Iyamu polled a total of 584 votes ahead of Mathew Uduoeyekemwen who had 91 votes.

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How to Transfer Videos from Your PC to iPhone without iTunes

How to Transfer Videos from Your PC to iPhone without iTunes

How to Transfer Videos from Your PC to iPhone without iTunes

The built-in Videos app in the iPhone is shockingly barebones. To me, it’s almost useless. Like many geeks, I’ve taken the time to manually bundle in all the stock iOS apps I find no use for in a folder and send it to the last screen. Apps like Watch, Stocks and yes, Videos are one of them.
If you’re like me, you download movies from the Internet, and they usually come in MP4 or MKV format. But of course, I can’t just transfer these files to my iPhone or iPad and expect them to play as is. I could buy the $15 Mac app called WALTR and let it convert every video on the fly. But I don’t have the patience to attach the iPhone every time I want to transfer a video file.

So I do it wirelessly. On my iPhone I use VLC, and on my iPad I use Infuse (because it has an awesome media center interface that works best on the iPad).
If you’re also looking for a really easy, wireless way of transferring video files to your iOS device – well, good news – you’ve come to the right place.
  • VLC on iOS has an iffy past. Its history is riddled with sudden takedowns from the App Store, but it looks like its current incarnation is here to stay. I’ve been using it for the past six months without any problems.
  • I’d say VLC is the best option for syncing and playing video files on iOS devices because not only is it free based on an open source project, but it will basically play any kind of file you throw at it. Yes, even on the iPhone.
  • To transfer the video file you’ll first need to make sure both your computer and the iOS device are on the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Then open the VLC app on your iPhone, and tap the red traffic cone icon we’ve come to adore over all these years.

From the sidebar tap the “Sharing via WiFi” button.

It will now change to show an IP address and a “.local” address.
Go to your PC, and in a modern browser like Chrome, type in either of those addresses in the URL bar.

This will take you to a page where you can either select the video files you want to transfer using the “+” icon or just drop in the files.

Any file you drag and drop will instantly start transferring to your iOS device.
One interesting thing about this feature is that it even allows you to transfer any file from the VLC app on the iOS device to your desktop as well.
Note: VLC is chock-full of ways to transfer files to the app. You can use the iTunes app, connect to any server on the PC (Including Plex) or just copy any file from a locally-shared network. I’ve used the Wi-Fi method here because it’s the most accessible and easiest to use.
With Infuse, the process is slightly different.

After launching the app, tap the “three dotted menu” button on the top-right and then select “Add files.”

This will bring up a list of all the different ways you can add files, from shared servers to iTunes Sync.

In our case, tap the “via Browser” button.

Again, you’ll see two different kinds of IP addresses.
Go to your desktop and enter one of these addresses in your browser.

Either use the “+” button to add files or just drag them in the page to start the transfer.

Once the transfer is done, you’ll be able to see the file in the app.
The only reason I’d recommend Infuse is because of its UI, especially on the iPad. Infuse will automatically add metadata, cover art and things like synopsis for every file you add. It will even automatically sort TV shows into seasons and episodes. Plus, Infuse has great features like automatic subtitle download.
But as I said, if you’re looking for simplicity, you can never go wrong with VLC.

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Online AWS Engineer Certification Bundle

Online AWS Engineer Certification Bundle

If you’re interested in getting your AWS (Amazon Web Services) certification, the AWS Engineer Certification Bundle will help you learn all you need to know to ace it – all without any programming knowledge.

The bundle includes three courses, and each course features five- to twenty-minute mini-lectures. Going through a few courses each day won’t take too much time. The courses are designed to help you pass the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate, AWS Certified Developer, and AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate exams. At the end, you’ll get hands-on practice from the eighty-minute mock exam.

Online AWS Engineer Certification Bundle

You will need an AWS account to take the courses and a domain name (optional but recommended). You’ll be able to study on Windows, Mac, and Linux systems.
AWS Engineer Certification Bundle

The Revogi Smart Power Strip is one that connects to your WiFi network and can be controlled via a mobile app (Android, iOS). From the app you can control your plugged-in electronics from anywhere as well as measure and view their energy use in real-time.

You can even create schedules to turn the strip off during off-peak hours to help save electricity. If you’re looking to lower your electric bill, this is definitely a great way to go. It’s currently 56% off of its $150 price tag.

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How to Add Multiple Clocks in Windows 10 for Different Time Zones

How to Add Multiple Clocks in Windows 10 for Different Time Zones

How to Add Multiple Clocks in Windows 10 for Different Time Zones

In this post we will show you the basic process of adding additional clocks in Windows 10 and also a few neat Windows 10-only tricks to be more productive while keeping up with different time zones.
Apart from your local clock, you can add up to two additional clocks to keep up with different time zones. To do so, click on time and date in the system tray on the far right corner. Time and a calendar will open with the “Date and time settings” option below. Click on “Date and time settings.”

In date and time settings you will see options to customize your local time clock. If you scroll down, you will see te “Add clocks for different time zones” option. Click on it.

A new dialog will open where you will see two clocks to be configured. Check the checkbox next to the “Show this clock” option to enable and configure that clock. You can select a time zone for that clock and also name it to easily remember what time it will show. If you want to use the other clock as well, check “Show this clock” and configure it according to your needs.

When you are done, you will see the time from both of these clocks by hovering your mouse cursor over the time and date in the system tray. You can also click on time and date to view these clocks.

Having access to two clocks is great, but what if you could add as many clocks as you would like? In Windows 10 you can pin any number of clocks to the Start menu with time from different cities.
For this, click on the Start menu and then click on “All apps.” Now click on the “Alarms and Clock” app which should be at the start of the list under the “A” section.

In the Alarms and Clock app move to the “World Clock” tab, and you will see a world map with your local time highlighted on it. Click on the “+” sign at the bottom right corner, and you will be prompted to enter a location.

Here you can enter the name of the city/state you would like to see the time for; if it is not mentioned in this list, try selecting a area closer to your desired city/state. As soon as it is selected, the current time in that area will be displayed on the world map. You can keep repeating this process to add as many time zones as you would like.

Once you are done adding time zones, you can easily pin them to the Start menu. Just right-click on them and select “Pin to Start” from the menu. The time will be added to the Start menu as a live tile, and you can view it at any time from the Start menu. Keep repeating this process to add all the required time zones to the Start menu.

Note: while viewing time in the Start menu, it may take a few seconds to update the current time and show it to you as a live tile.
The above methods are great for keeping up with the time zones that matter to you, but what if you suddenly need to check the time in an area that has not been pre-configured by you? Checking the World Clock or doing a search in your browser might be the answer, but there is a faster alternative as well.

You can directly ask Cortana to show the current time in any area. All you have to do is type “time in (your desired area),” and she will instantly show you the time. For example, type “time in california,” and you will see current time, date and day in California.

Keeping up with time zones is really easy in Windows, and Windows 10 just made things easier. The first method works fine in Windows 7 and 8 as well, and it is still the quickest method to seeing the current time in a different zone. Although, if you want to keep up with more than two time zones, then the second method will surely help the Windows 10 users.
How to Adjust Volume and Brightness in Smaller Increments on Your Mac

How to Adjust Volume and Brightness in Smaller Increments on Your Mac

How to Adjust Volume and Brightness in Smaller Increments on Your Mac

It often happens to us that we want the volume or the brightness to be at an exact level on our Macs so that it is as perfect as we want. Unfortunately, though, Mac does not easily let us specify exact values for the volume and brightness levels. At such times you just have to compromise and work with whatever has been provided to you.

Luckily, with a neat trick, you can now change both volume and brightness on your Mac in smaller increments and to the level you want. The trick allows you to change the levels in as small as 25% of the default bar. That means you can now set your volume at 25%, 50%, 75%, and so on instead of the default 100%, 200%, and so on.

FOllie along below if you would like to do that on your Mac.

How to Adjust Volume and Brightness in Smaller Increments on Your Mac

Ensure that your Mac is not set to mute.

1. Bring down the volume level to half of the total level so you can see the trick working. You can do that by pressing the Volume Down or Volume Up, whatever is appropriate in your situation.

2. Now, here comes the trick. Hold down the “Shift” and “Option” keys together on your keyboard, and then press either Volume Up or Volume Down.

You should notice that the volume now either increases or decreases in smaller increments unlike before. It takes four taps on the Volume button to fill-up a bar which used to get filled-up in just one tap before.

3. You can now keep on doing this until you are satisfied.

There has not been much buzz about this feature in the Apple world, but this small feature does a really great job for you.

Changing the brightness level in smaller increments can be done the same way as the volume. Here are the steps.

Adjusting the Brightness in Smaller Increments

1. Bring down the brightness to half of the total size so you can easily see the changes.

2. Hold down the “Shift” and “Option” keys together, and press the button for either increasing or decreasing the brightness. Like the volume bar, you will notice that it now increases or decreases in smaller increments than before.

3. That should let you adjust the brightness on your Mac according to your needs.

We all know that the default settings are not perfect sometimes, and tinkering around helps us get exactly what we want. This is one of those default things that does not work well for all users.


Learning how to change the volume and brightness levels in smaller increments should help you get that precise perfectness you have not been able to get on your Mac so far.
How to Block Someone on Instagram

How to Block Someone on Instagram

How to Block Someone on Instagram

If you don’t fee like changing the privacy settings on your Instagram account, but you also don’t want a certain user to access your pictures, you always have the option of blocking that person. The following guide will show you how easy it is, and in no time that annoying user will be a thing of the past.

How to Block Someone on Instagram

To block any user on Instagram, you will need to launch the Instagram app and go to the profile of the person you want to block. (You can do this as well if you wish to block a regular user or any organization).

Once you have accessed the person’s profile, click on the three vertical dots in the upper right-hand corner of your screen, but if you are using your iPhone, look for an arrow. You should now see six options: Block, Report, Copy Profile URL, Send Message, Send Profile as Message and Turn on Post Notifications. After choosing “Block,” Instagram will ask you if you are sure that you want to block this user, so any accidental or unwanted blocks are not done.

If you were to block the wrong person, that user would no longer be able to find your account, and it would seem as if you eliminated it (if your account is private). If your account is public, that person will still be able to find you through comments you made on other user’s accounts or by just typing your Instagram’s url:

How to Unblock Someone on Instagram

Have you forgiven that user for being so annoying and want to give him or her a second chance? If you do, unblocking someone is as easy as blocking them. To unblock someone, you just need to follow the same steps you did when you blocked them in the first place, but “Block” will now be replaced by “Unblock.” Just tap on the wanted action and you are good to go. Remember, you can only block and unblock users from the official Instagram app and not from the web app.

What Happens After you Block Someone on Instagram

When you block someone on Instagram, the other person doesn’t get a notice that they have been blocked. They will only notice because they won’t be able to interact with you or see any updates from you. You should also keep in mind that if the blocked person mentions you using the “@” symbol, you would see that in your updates. The blocked person’s likes and comments will not be eliminated eit her.

To erase a user’s comments on your pictures, you need to launch the Instagram mobile app and open the comments. If you’re using your iPhone, press the Comments button right under the picture to access the comments. If you are using your Android device, tap on the comment bubble, look for the comment you want to erase, select it and you should see a trash can icon on the upper right-hand corner.

The person you decided to block can mention you on Instagram by using your username, but this isn’t going to appear in Activity. After blocking someone, their Likes will also be right where they left them, and they can also continue to see your comments and likes on other pictures.

ConclusionThere are various reasons why you might want to block someone on Instagram, but if you ever decide to do it, now you know how to do it and what happens after. Have you ever had to block someone on Instagram? Let us know in the comments.

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QARK SOFTWARE – Scans several security related Android application vulnerabilities

QARK SOFTWARE – Scans several security related Android application vulnerabilities

 QARK SOFTWARE – Scans several security related Android application vulnerabilities

QARK also knows as Quick Android Review Kit used to scan several security related Android application vulnerabilities, either in source code or packaged APKs.
This tool can create “Proof-of-Concept” deployable APKs and ADB commands, capable of exploiting many of the vulnerabilities it finds.
You don’t need to root the test device, as this tool focuses on vulnerabilities that can be exploited under otherwise secure conditions.


  • Python 2.7.6
  • JRE 1.6+ (recommended 1.7+)
  • OSX or Ubuntu Linux (others may or may not work)

How to use:

Download QARK and to run in interactive mode:

  • python
  • To run in headless mode:
  • python --source 1 --pathtoapk /Users/foo/qark/sampleApps/goatdroid/goatdroid.apk --exploit 1 --install 1
  • or python --source 2 -c /Users/foo/qark/sampleApps/goatdroid/goatdroid --manifest /Users/foo/qark/sampleApps/goatdroid/goatdroid/AndroidManifest.xml --exploit 1 --install 1


QARK is an easy to use tool capable of finding common security vulnerabilities in Android applications and 100% free to use. QARK allows security reviewers to locate precise, in-depth explanations of the vulnerabilities. QARK automates the use of multiple de-compilers, leveraging their combined outputs, to produce superior results, when de-compiling APKs.
The major advantage QARK has over traditional tools, that just point you to possible vulnerabilities, is that it can produce ADB commands, or even fully functional APKs, that turn hypothetical vulnerabilities into working “POC” exploits.
Included in the types of security vulnerabilities this tool attempts to find are:
  • Inadvertently exported components
  • Improperly protected exported components
  • Intents which are vulnerable to interception or eavesdropping
  • Improper x.509 certificate validation
  • Creation of world-readable or world-writeable files
  • Activities which may leak data
  • The use of Sticky Intents
  • Insecurely created Pending Intents
  • Sending of insecure Broadcast Intents
  • Private keys embedded in the source
  • Weak or improper cryptography use
  • Potentially exploitable WebView configurations
  • Exported Preference Activities
  • Tapjacking
  • Apps which enable backups
  • Apps which are debuggable
  • Apps supporting outdated API versions, with known vulnerabilities


Things that will be added soon:
  • Rewrite of code to support extensibility
  • Bound Service vulnerability detection and exploitation
  • Content Provider vulnerability detection and exploitation
  • Additional WebView configuration demonstrations
  • Static Tapjacking mitigation detection
  • File browser capable of using root permissions
Note: QARK decompiles Android applications back to raw source code. Please do not use this tool if this may be considered illegal in your juristdiction. If you are unsure, seek legal counsel.
If you run into issues on OSX, especially relating to the outbound call to the Play Store, or the downloading of the SDK, it is likely due to your Python/OpenSSL configuration and the fact that recent changes in OSX impacted Python installed via brew. Nuking your Python installation(s) and re-installing from source may fix your issues.

For more information about QARK you can visit GitHub and download this tool from official page
A Donald Trump hater tweeted “7000 retweets and i’ll smash this b***h’s computer”

A Donald Trump hater tweeted “7000 retweets and i’ll smash this b***h’s computer”

A Trump sticker from Trump fan “Trump Make America Great Again” on the back of a student’s laptop went viral on Twitter.

On Wednesday @ockisdead (OCK PAPI) tweeted that “7000 retweets and i’ll smash this b***h’s computer.”

A Donald Trump hater tweeted “7000 retweets 

A screenshot from few hours before the tweet has been deleted

This tweet was retweeted more than 16,000 times withing four hours of being posted online. The tweet and account has been deleted for student’s safety.

Brianna Algazali, 20-year old Trump supporter reported to the school’s public safety office that she was going viral on Twitter.

Later St. John’s University tweeted thanking people who has reported  and said that students safety is the school’s top priority.
Hackers Breached the official email servers of Bolivian Army

Hackers Breached the official email servers of Bolivian Army

Hackers Breached the official email servers of Bolivian Army

A group of hackers ( Hanom1960, Chilean Hackers crew and Hazzard) breached Bolivian Army email servers and dumped data, but it doesn’t contain any sensitive military or state secrets.

According to Softpedia,” The Bolivian Army was running their internal email server on VMWare’s Zimbra service. The hackers used an old software called Zimbra exploit.”

Hackers Breached the official email servers of Bolivian Army

The data dumped by hackers contains information of officers name, positions and emails exchanged between officers, like conference invitations, activity reviews, and some boring stuff.

After dumping the data online, hackers started to tweet about their emails of various army members and their passwords.

The hackers said that they took a special interest to breach Bolivian Army servers after the rampant corruption in its ranks.

Source Link – Softpedia
Gping – Ping, but with a graph - Software

Gping – Ping, but with a graph - Software

 Gping – Ping, but with a graph - Software

Gping, a free open source tool to test your network speed, but with a graph.


  • Windows and Ubuntu ( should run on OS X)
  • Python 2.7(should run) ( 3.4 recommended)

Install and Run:

pip3 install pinggraph 
gping [yourhost]

If you don’t give a host then it pings google.

Why gping:

For users who like to test their network speed using command line, but with a graph would be a great way to visualize the data, so you can use gping.
Free Download: gping (from github)
Bohatei – Free DDoS Hacking defense tool

Bohatei – Free DDoS Hacking defense tool

 Bohatei – Free DDoS Hacking defense tool

Bohatei, a free DDoS defense tool that works using SDN and NFV. This tool defense 500Gbps DDoS attack and successfully handle any dynamic attack scenarios.

Features and File information:

  • An implementation of the FlowTags framework for the OpenDaylight controller
  • An implementation of the resource management algorithms
  • A topology file that was used to simulate an ISP topology
  • Scripts that facilitate functions such as spawning, tearing down and retrieving the topology.
  • Scripts that automate and coordinate the components required for the usecases examined.
The folder “frontend” contains required files for the web interface. For the experiments performed, we used a set of VM images that contain implementations of the strategy graphs for each type of attack (SYN Flood, UDP Flood, DNS Amplification and Elephant Flow). Those images will become available at a later stage.
The tools that were used for those strategy graphs are the following:
For more information about Bohatei you can visit GithubYou can check out Bohatei papers here and slides here.

Free Download: Bohatei (from github)
Hacking news: Anonymous Hackers breach South Africa’s Department of Water Affairs

Hacking news: Anonymous Hackers breach South Africa’s Department of Water Affairs

 Hacking news: Anonymous Hackers breach South Africa’s Department of Water Affairs

Recently anonymous hackers have breach South African Government’s website database as part of #OpAfrica campaign

Now the hackivists involved in the #OpAfrica and #OpMonsanto campaigns and have breached South Africa’s Department of Water Affairs (DWA).

Hackers have breached the site’s database, stolen all its data and dumped it online. The dumped data on online contains names, emails, ID numbers of over 5,800 government employees and collaborators.

It’s not over, even phone numbers, date of birth, addresses, departments where they work, job titles, and hashed passwords  has been dumped online.

Hackers got access to the site’s administration panel, and got all the user details.
Security tips - How hackers hack your Paypal account

Security tips - How hackers hack your Paypal account

Security tips - How hackers hack your Paypal account
Today when I was checking my Inbox I got this mail from Service Paypal saying that, ” Your account has been limited until we hear from you.”. And when I open the mail it seems to be a phishing page from hackers to steal my login details.

Security tips - How hackers hack your Paypal account

1. Look at the address of mail sender. When you receive a mail from Paypal look what is write after “@”. It must be “”.

2. Look out for text errors in the mail. In official mail from Paypal you wont have any errors.

3. If you still don’t find the above 2 options and you open the link given by them, then check out for the URL, it should be “” or “” or “” depending upon the country or where you live. As you can see from the image given below shows “qaypal” which is not official one and its a phishing page to get users login credentials.

This is what you get when you click “Login Now” link from your email

This is how a phishing page looks like

4. So this is how the mail looks after you enter your login details.
So make sure you don’t fall into phishing scam from hackers. Be careful when you open a website link from your mail. This format of phishing almost works on other sites too, such as Facebook, Twitter and few other popular networks. We care for you, so we share this simple information to you. If you care about your friends and family then drop a share.

NOTE: The graphic design of these website would be as same as the official website so be careful when you visit.

Malware attack - Huge Increase In Malware In 2016 Compared to 2015

Malware attack - Huge Increase In Malware In 2016 Compared to 2015

 Malware attack - Huge Increase In Malware In 2016 Compared to 2015

According to Dell’s experts are saying that, in 2015, their security products detected more than 64 million unique 

malware samples, which shows 73% rise from 2014 and tripled of 2013.

According to Softpedia News, “The company has blocked more than 2.17 trillion IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) 

attacks and 8.19 billion malware attacks in 2013, and in 2014 it doubled the number to 4.2 billion.
Similar reports were also reported by Panda Security the other month, the company detected 84 million new malware 

families and 304 million total malware samples in 2015, which is 27.63% of the total number of malware.

Dell company saw an huge increase in ransomware infections and banking trojans targeting the Android OS. Exploit 

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Mobile App and Website - Now It Is The Time To Get Mobile Website And Apps

Mobile App and Website - Now It Is The Time To Get Mobile Website And Apps

Present generation uses their mobiles to shop, book and gaming in websites. They love to get anything from everything in their mobile phones. With mobile banking and mobile customer services most of the business and financial service providers have made the mobile the most challenging platforms to promote business and services. This made most of the businesses and service provides to make their website available on mobiles. As a businessman or service provider there are some important factors to consider about mobile version websites.

Normal website won’t work; get mobile versions

There is no doubt almost all types of mobile phones support internet. Hence, your customers have the tendency to search for your products and services in their mobiles. But your normal websites find it so difficult to get loaded in the mobiles and takes comparatively long time. This makes the customer worried and chances are a lot to think about other better options. Hence make sure that you have developed mobile version of your website to make it readily and easily available on the mobile web. Mobile browsers will promote website designed with simple but superb features. Hence it is your time to get mobile versions for your website.

Know about mobile web

Screen of your Smartphone is nano in size when compared to desktop or laptop screen. On mobiles you have to use to fingers in the place of mouse. Hence smaller text and link will not entertain the mobile user. This is the reason why the website should be completely rebuilt to suit the requirement of mobile web and the users. Your website should have larger test, clearly visible buttons and links to make the website experienced satisfying for the mobile users.

What makes you stop using mobile browser?

Even though mobile web browsing is getting more demand, the problem is that still there are lot of website which are not optimized for mobile web. With normal versions it appears as it is in the mobiles giving a partial look. The customer or user can find small texts, broken links, missing images and more. He or she needs to zoom everything to get a clear look. On the other mobile web optimized website gives clear visions of the website making the browsing easy and fast. Hence make sure that you have mobile version for your website to keep your mobile customers satisfied.

Mobile apps for instant access

Even though mobile versions gives quick access to website through mobile web, present generation expect something more from mobile. This is why mobile apps are so hot and popular on mobiles. Now the saying is that without mobile apps, mobile is just a electronic scrap. Yes, everyone needs mobile apps for their most visited websites. Mobile apps are icon shortcuts that can be easily placed on your homepage of mobile devices. This helps the user to get access to the websites or services without making any searching or typing. It gives straight access to web address.

Information at finger tips

It is all the amazing benefits that made apps to rule mobile web world. Users can get the information right at the finger tips. With just a touch on the mobile app, it serves the users with what he or she really needs. There is no need to save the website link. These are really small icons with professional business face linked to the mobile version websites. Hence, it is so easy to get access to your website without searching and typing the website address. You can directly visit the website without checking for search or title bar in the search engines.

Benefits of mobile apps

It is hard to do business in feature without mobile apps. We can found unexpected and amazing increase the numbers of mobile apps. Thousands of mobile apps introduced to web world every month. Here are some of the important benefits of getting apps for your business.

Benefits to business

  • Perfect reinforcement of brand
  • Effective loyalty building
  • Enhanced visibility
  • Increases accessibility
  • Easy access to on-the-go consumers
  • Quick exposure through mobile devices
  • Increase sell-through

Benefits to customers

  • Easy reach to products and services
  • Quick and effective notification of product launches and special events,
  • Access to contact information with a single touch
  • Directions to route map to location form wherever the customer is
  • Fast and instant appointment scheduling

Do mobile apps give complete experience?

It is better to answer this question with NO. Even though there are several benefits for mobile apps, advertisement placing on apps, storage space for apps, unavailability of apps for website and more can sometimes make the mobile user to think twice before downloading the app.
This is the reason why most of the businessmen develop unique and professional apps exclusively for their business. This makes their app free from any unwanted advertisement and keeps it purely for their business. Once a customer gets satisfied service through mobile apps, then there is no doubt he or she will not look for another option.

So which is best?

So which is best mobile web design of mobile app for you? The answer should come only from you. It is way how you use web on your mobile devices that makes the best option. If you use mobile web rarely then there is no need to download and store the app. But if there are some websites that use regularly, then it is best to get the mobile apps downloaded and stored in the home page for quick access. Now the time is yours to evaluate your mobile web usage to take the decision.
But whatever it is, one thing is sure. Without mobile web or mobile app you can’t hold the future customers with your business.
FTP - Significance Of Ftp Set Up Provided With Hosting Service

FTP - Significance Of Ftp Set Up Provided With Hosting Service

An FTP setup is very necessary for businesses to flourish. FTP refers to file transfer protocol. FTP is used to transfer pages from a server to the user’s browser. It is also used to transfer electronic mail across the internet. Files can be easily uploaded with the help of FTP. To get started you need to upload an FTP client on your computer and set up an account with a home page hosting service which offers FTP . The first step is to get connected after selecting a profile name and address.

Understanding the technology
FTP can help you to transfer files between in the internet and a couple of computers. Files can be easily copied using FTP technology.

  •     FTP is the short term for file transfer protocol.
  •     Both ASCII and Binary files can be transferred between computers easily.
  •     An FTP server is required on the target computer for FTP to be running.
  •     A user-name and password is required for FTP to run.
  •     University of California Berkely was the first to develop FTP.
  •     For a quality FTP server both security and bandwidth is very important.
  •     File transfers are made possible through internet protocol and transmission control protocol.

Aspects related to file transfer protocol

It is important to pay heed to certain important points if you want to use FTP effectively.

  •     You can use an FTP backup tool to save information. This measure needs to be adopted so that when your hard disk crashes it is easy to obtain the essential data.
  •     In order to sync FTP hire the services of a reputed company which has strong track records.
  •     The best feature of FTP is that it is independent from the operating system.
  •     FTP has undergone transformations since the day of its inception. SSL has been incorporated to encrypt file transfers.

Implications of FTP

FTP is mostly used in secured networks. In order to load files FTP software is required. If you already have a website setting up a files transfer protocol will make your life easier. You will be able to upload and download files from your server easily. AS large files are difficult to share, FTP hosting allows you to share large files with certain people. FTP hosting will allow you to store the files in accessible locations and share them with the people you want. With the large availability of hosting providers it is very important that you conduct a thorough research before reaching a final decision.

Selecting an FTP host

While selecting an FTP host you must evaluate certain criteria. The more storage place that it is offered to you the better it is. Usually focus must be laid on obtaining large storage price at affordable prices. The FTP hosting service must be highly functional. It should help you with file transfers. Dragging and dropping files must be easy. Sharing files via links and offering features for back up is very essential. You should be able to access the files from most devices and across different platforms. Make sure that the hosting service makes use of encryptions to transfer files.
Hosting services which provide FTP must be able to provide strong customer support. If you face any problem the hosting service should be able to come to your assistance at once. They should be able to clear your queries and address all your problems. Certain service providers host FTP in the cloud. You can enjoy unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage. Without ads your privacy is completely guarded as you opt for files transfer protocol.
 Security: Protect Your Assets With High-Tech Security for Your Home, Business and Self

Security: Protect Your Assets With High-Tech Security for Your Home, Business and Self

Technology has evolved at a rapid pace over the previous decades, and the rate of change seems to rise every year. New technology can help you protect your home and your business, and it can help ensure your personal safety. Here are a few technologies that can help protect your assets.

Computer Security

Modern Windows systems are inherently more secure when compared to older systems, but they are still vulnerable to a variety of attacks. In addition, hackers have developed more sophisticated methods to steal credit card, banking and identity information. Those who run Windows and OS/X systems will need to ensure that they avoid potentially dangerous downloads, and they'll want to run virus and malware scans on a regular basis. We store more information on out computers than ever before, so take steps to keep it safe.

Biometric Identification
Movies have long portrayed a future where fingerprint and iris scanning would ensure building security, and technology is finally catching up. Basic fingerprint identification systems are now affordable for most businesses, and these systems can be hard to crack. Combined with keys or other security measures, these systems can keep your assets well protected. In addition, these systems can monitor activities, allowing you to watch out for employee theft and other potential problems.

Video Monitoring
In the past, video monitoring was expensive and yielded only mediocre results. Today, technology is much better, and new products are far more affordable than older products. Thanks to the low cost of video technology, camera systems can be installed virtually anywhere, and the software used to access information is far easier to use and, in some cases, free. So if you want to protect a Calgary steel fabrication business, Aero-Tech Specialty Welding & Fabrication Ltd, opting for video monitoring is the only solution for security. There are a number of turnkey systems on the market, and more adventurous people might want to consider a do-it-yourself approach.

The Cloud

The cloud paradigms are often touted as convenient and easy to use, but there most significant benefit might be their ability to keep you information secure. Cloud providers depend on providing top-notch security to ensure that their clients stay with them, and they use the latest technology available to provide superior protection. While they are not impervious to attack, they provide better security that most home and business users have access to.

We often focus on new forms of entertainment and new ways of being more productive, but high tech has had a significant impact on home, business and personal security as well. By keeping up with recent technological developments and using modern systems, everyone can achieve better security.

Monday, 7 March 2016

 Transfer Content(files) Safely: Avoid Information Overload Using a Torrent Search Engin(e

Transfer Content(files) Safely: Avoid Information Overload Using a Torrent Search Engin(e

If it is used properly, bittorrent is one of the safest ways of transferring content. The reason why this is the case is because the torrent file contains metadata about the files that are to be shared and the bittorrent client subsequently checks the content received against this metadata.

The safety checks in place should ensure that any discernible difference in the content received will be discarded as a result of these measures.

Using a bittorrent client like will help to ensure that malware cannot be added to any torrent once it has become active meaning that any data that is damaged during this transmission process will be discarded an re-downloaded, ensuring a good level of security.

On the assumption that you already have a working knowledge of bittorrent, here is a look at how you can go about finding the content that you want and avoiding an information overload.

Different torrent search sites
There is an incredible amount of content currently available in bittorrent and it is estimated to be somewhere in the region of 25 PetaBytes of content that is available spread across in excess of 20 million active torrents.

These are split into public and private torrent search sites and the general consensus of opinion is that private torrent sites are preferable as they offer several advantages over their public counterparts.

With a private torrent site, you not only get the privacy aspect due to the fact that only members are active on torrent, but you should also enjoy cleaner torrents and greater speed, due to ratio enforcement which ensures a well seeded torrent.

The negative aspect of a private search site is that some of them can certainly suffer from over-zealous administrators policing them and a greater level of rules and regulations to overcome.

Unwanted features

It is a sad but true fact of life that even the best public torrent search sites can be plagued by scam links, adverts and toolbar downloads.

It is therefore really important that you make use of a web browser that has advert blocking capabilities so that you can hopefully eliminate all those unwanted features. Firefox offers an additional feature called AdBlock Plus and with Adblock Plus PopUp you can make all those scamming adverts and non-existent downloads disappear into the background.

Common deceptions

Avoid the scam links that offer you things like a Trusted Download and Sponsored Links and the toolbar downloads are often annoyingly placed very near to the Download Torrent button, so take a moment to check what you are clicking before you go ahead.

Do not be tempted by the adverts that do make their way onto the torrent search site, not all of them are completely questionable but why take the risk? Simply avoid downloading them to save you from any potential subsequent problems.

Key criteria

Your goal when it comes to finding a good public torrent search site is to find one that offers genuine and healthy torrent so you can get the content you want without any complications.

A good torrent site will often contain a large index of torrents backed up by a comments and ratings system, excellent search filters and sorting capabilities.

Also, make sure that you are uploading and downloading only files that do not infringe upon any copyrights.

Stick to this key criteria and you should be able to achieve your goals and achieve a safe transfer of content.
Why is Security for Your Business Important?

Why is Security for Your Business Important?

Did you know that in 2010, over 1000 workplace homicides took place in the United States according to the CDC? Did you know that 2% of all sales revenue, on average, is stolen annually by employees?

Did you know that having on-site security reduces your chances of being robbed by 85%?

These are just a few of the reasons why every business, regardless of size, income level, or specialty, needs to focus on protecting their business both physically and electronically.

Workplace Homicide and Assault

Workplace assaults reach in the tens of thousands annually. Each instance opens a company up to a potential lawsuit. These lawsuits can add up to millions of dollars in damages and legal fees for the companies and so investing in some security can be a very smart move.

Strong HR polices aren't always a deterrent from homicide or assault in the workplace. Having on-site security present can reduce liability in the event of something unfortunate happening. Security can also reduce the chances of an attack occurring at all. When managing a large company and mixing all different types of personalities you should definitely invest in some physical security to protect your employees and the company's assets.


Theft is a major problem in the workplace. Whether it be physical property stolen or intellectual property stolen it can pose a serious problem. Companies report between 2 and 5 percent of their income has been lost due to theft both within the company and outside. This can be theft of office supplies, computer equipment, or currency by employees. It can also mean theft of merchandise by customers which could be avoided if precautions are taken. With items like security locks from Security Centers in Southern California you can be sure to protect your business from thieves.

A security detail can monitor the entire company to ensure profits are not walking out of the door. The cost to protect against theft is a fraction of the overall cost of theft in a company. A visible security guard can reduce theft by as much as 50% or investing in some anti theft security software can help guard your property from malicious intentions.

Identity Fraud

Identity theft costs American companies nearly $25 billion per year. Scams pilfer another $2 billion from corporate coffers. While no one can completely prevent all forms of identity theft or scams, having security teams monitoring email traffic for key words or known phishing attempts can dramatically reduce the likelihood that it happens in your company.

Having a computer security expert working to protect your business can save another 3 to 7 percent of anticipated profits annually. Corporate security is not longer about physical security. Computer security is just as important.

Experts expect the rates of computer scams and identity theft to continue. Estimates put total losses at over $50 billion annually by 2020.
Hiring a team of security professionals and security software can help protect your online and physical assets can seem expensive but the price of not acting can be significantly greater if your business is compromised.
Smart Phone Tips: How to Keep All Your Devices Running Quickly and Smoothly

Smart Phone Tips: How to Keep All Your Devices Running Quickly and Smoothly

Have you noticed that your computer, tablet, or phone is not running like it used to? Your device may run super fast when it’s brand new, but after awhile it is common for it to slow down. There are several reasons that your device might be acting sluggish, but know that these problems aren't just due to old age. There are a few things you can do to help get your device back to it's top performance level. Read ahead to learn about a few ways you can help your device speed along and prevent it from slowing down in the future.

Get Rid of Unnecessary Files and Apps

Tablets and smartphones tend to get filled up fast with apps, because it’s so easy to connect and download them. This can result in too many apps piling up on your device, many of which you never use. Go through your apps from time to time and delete the ones you don’t need. You can even delete those that you only use once in awhile and download them again when you need them. You'll be surprised at how many apps you accumulate over time, and even more surprised at how much your device speeds up once they are cleared away.

Protect Against Viruses

PC users know that viruses have the potential to wreak havoc with their computers. The same is true for some tablets. Like Mac computers, iPhones and other Apple devices don’t have a high risk of viruses, but if you have an Android or Windows device, you should head to the app store and download a good anti-virus app. There are plenty of anti-virus apps and programs, some are free, and some cost money, but the most important thing is that you download one of these protection systems as soon as possible.

Close Programs and Apps When Not in Use

Tablets and smartphones are not really designed for easy closing of apps, and generally all the apps you use stay open all the time. You can get a task manager, which is an app that will automatically close multiple apps with one touch. Similar programs exist for computers. These can close unnecessary background processes that are using memory. You may not realize how many apps you have running, but if your battery starts to drain quickly, this could be because you're running too many apps at once. Closing out of programs you have been using will help out a great deal when it comes to giving your device a little speed.

Avoid Flashy Personalization Options

Devices and computers promote cool technology like “live” wallpapers that move and high quality graphics and icons on the desktop. According to professionals of who specialize in laptop repair in Denton, TX, these things use a lot of memory and slow down your device. Resist the temptation to use flashy personalization options and go with basic wallpapers and icons because these can really put the brakes on your device and make it difficult to complete simple tasks.

Clean Your Screen
For touch screen devices and computers with touch screens, something as simple as neglecting to clean your screen can slow things down. If you don't clean your screen regularly, tiny substances will build up on the surface of the screen. You might not even be able to see anything on the screen, but that doesn't mean there isn't anything there. Cleaning your screen will allow the device to recognize your touch more quickly, allowing you to perform tasks right away. Plus, cleaning your screen will clear away any germs or bacteria that might be lurking on the surface.

Keeping you device at top speed is easy; it just takes some regular maintenance on your part. A good method is to run through a short series of maintenance tasks on the same day you do a regular backup. That should keep your computer and devices in top shape and keep you more content as you quickly run through tasks without any loading or extra frustration.